Birthday Policy

In the Classroom

A child’s birthday is a time of celebration!  We welcome the opportunity to celebrate your child’s birthday in the classroom.

The classroom celebration revolves around the child’s life and special events that have occurred.  Parents are encouraged to make a time-line of the child’s life, using one or two pictures and anecdotes to represent each year.

Please schedule your child’s birthday celebration with the school office well in advance of his/her birthday.  Many children have birthdays close to the same date and we cannot celebrate more than one birth on a given day.

We encourage parents to participate in their child’s birthday celebration at school, but due to space constraints we ask that you limit the number of adults to two.  Celebration generally last about 30 minutes.  You are welcome to bring a nutritious snack to share with the class.  We encourage fruit trays, muffins, cheese cubes, etc.

As this occasion is a celebration, and not meant to be a “birthday party”, we ask that no presents, goodie bags, party favors, etc. be distributed at the school.

Outside the Classroom

 If an entire class is invited to your child’s birthday party outside the school, invitations may be given out at school.

If only a few children are invited, please distribute the invitations yourself, discreetly.  Children can be very sensitive and do not always understand why they are not invited. So please be mindful of their feelings and be discreet.  We also strongly discourage parties held immediately after school as the excited invitees discuss the event all morning or afternoon, disrupting the work cycle and hurting the feelings of those not invited.

Thank you for your cooperation!