New Students: What Parents Should Know


 1.   The First Day of School

  First day of school is Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

2.    School Hours

  The School is open Monday through Friday, except for holidays (see school calendar), the following hours:

8:45 am to 3:00 pm

School office hours are Monday through Friday, except for holidays, the following hours:

8:30 am to 3:30 pm

The classroom doors open promptly at 8:45 am.  We realize that traffic conditions might on occasion cause you to arrive at school a little bit early; however, the school doors will not open until 8:45 as the teachers are preparing the classroom.

The children begin their day promptly at 9:00 am.  Late arrivals are disruptive so, in the interest of your child, please be punctual. Unfortunately there are occasions that you will be late, if this is the case, please do not enter the classroom with your child at this time.  Please quietly and quickly say goodbye outside the classroom door so as not to disrupt the classroom.  Please make sure a classroom assistant sees your child arrive.

The Montessori Center also offers before and after school care.

4.    Settling In

  Some children have not attended school before and it often takes them some time to settle into their new environment.  In order to allow the class to adjust as quickly as possible and to provide the happiest environment for the children, we ask you to observe the following points:

  • At the beginning of the school year, it is very common for children to cry when dropped off by their parents.  The crying almost always stops as soon as the child’s parents are out of sight.  Whereas we understand your reluctance to leave a crying child, your child will settle into the class more quickly and easily if you say goodbye at the door and leave.  Please know that we will call you if the child is extremely upset and cannot be calmed down.
  • Please stay out of sight from the classroom or playground until it is time for your child to be picked up.  At the beginning of the year, although it may be comforting for you, it is disturbing for the children to see parents or relatives during class time.
  • At pick up, please do not linger in the classroom.  Many parents meet at the parks across the street from the schools to socialize with other parents and children after school.  Please use courtesy and move away from the classroom entrance.
  • Please remember it may take time for some children to settle into the school routine.  At the start of the new school year they have just experienced at least two months of non-stop fun and your full attention.  It is very natural for them to resist returning to a more defined routine.  If you are positive about the return to school, your child will settle in much more quickly.
  • Children take cues from their parents and are very perceptive to nuance.  Therefore, it is very important that you always display a positive and encouraging attitude toward school.  Children recognize at a very early age that their parents’ heartstrings can be tugged very effectively.  While it is important to listen to your child, it is essential that you maintain control of the settling in process at home.

5.       Toilet Training

School policy requires that all children are toilet trained prior to starting school.  Pull ups are not acceptable.

After the initial settling period, children are expected to go to the toilet independently without teacher supervision.  Please ensure your child’s clothes are easy for him/her to use, e.g. pull on trousers are more convenient than those with zippers, snaps or buttons.

Throughout the day and during rectangle time, we repeatedly remind the children of the importance of flushing the toilet and washing their hands.  We ask for your help in continually reinforcing this at home as well.

6.       What to Bring to School

Your child should bring the following items on the first day of school.  All clothing, including spare clothes, must be clearly labeledJackets and coats must have loops for easy hanging in your child’s cubby.

  • Indoor Shoes – no open backed flapping slippers
  • Extra set of clothes – shirt, pants, underwear
  • Shoe box sized container to store extra clothing

7. Questions

Please address questions or concerns about your child and/or the classroom to the lead teacher, as she will provide the most complete and insightful information.  Please do not ask the assistant teachers.

8. Conferences

The Montessori Center will hold scheduled conferences in February for kindergarten level children only.  For all other preschool children, you may request a conference if you would like.  You are encouraged to contact your teacher directly throughout the year if you have any concerns.  In turn, the teachers will also approach you if they have concerns.

9. Parking

Safety is the ultimate concern for the school.  Due to the large number of cars and children at the school in the morning for drop off and the afternoon for pick up, we ask that you exert extreme caution when driving in the vicinity of the school.  In addition, please exercise courtesy for the neighborhood.  Please do not block traffic or alleyways.

10.     Communication

Northwest Crossing – To report any absences, late arrivals or early pickups, please call 541-41-5232.  This phone line does not ring into the classroom; however, it will be checked three times a day, morning, lunch and afternoon.

Awbrey Butte – To report absences, late arrivals or early pickups, please call 383-5163.

Main office address is:

The Montessori Center, Inc.

3052 NW Merchant Way, Ste 109
Bend, OR 97701

Telephone: (541) 383-5163