Enrichment Programs

  • Foreign Language
  • Arts
  • Yoga & Movement
  • Musical Development
  • Afterschool Enrichment


Our Spanish program is the Montessori Touch Spanish program which include a listening center with CDs that reinforce the materials that are introduced in a group setting on the rectangle and coordinate with the three part Spanish language nomenclature on the work shelves.  The Spanish lessons are presented weekly and accessible daily for reinforcement.

Art and artistic creativity is an integral part of the preschool program.  Children are encouraged to express themselves artistically, whether painting or drawing in the classroom within the routine work cycle.  This is supplemented by regular art projects presented once a month.  An art station for an independent art experience is located in each classroom with more manageable projects changing weekly.

The children participate in weekly yoga classes.

Music is a daily occurrence in every classroom at The Montessori Center.  Music develops skills such as rhythm, melody, harmony, singing, ensemble playing and critical listening.   Emphasis is placed on self-expression and joy.