The Montessori Center welcomes children of all races, religions, socio-economic status, abilities and ethnic backgrounds.  A prime consideration when admitting new children is to create well-balanced classrooms, so that each child will thrive.

Prior to eligibility for enrollment in the school or waitlist status, an interview and tour of The Montessori Center must be scheduled with the Director.  This meeting does not include your child.  During this process, the parents have the opportunity to visit the classroom, receive an informational packet and ask questions.  At the same time, the school can learn more about the expectations of the prospective parents.  If, after this meeting, the Director and parents agree that The Montessori Center is the appropriate learning environment for the applicant, enrollment formalities will be completed.  If there is no space, you will be asked to complete the waitlist process.

Children may begin school when they are 3 years of age and fully potty trained.  Children older than 4 ½ who do not have prior Montessori experience are considered for admission on a space-available basis for their age group, and with considerations of whether they will be able to adapt to the unique learning environment.

The Montessori Center offers a full three-year primary program.  Parents are expected to make a commitment to enrollment in the full three-year facet of the program.

The Montessori Center strives to admit children in a fair and timely manner.  If classroom space is unavailable at the time of application, names are placed on a waiting list.  Placement on the waiting list occurs once parents have toured the school, observed a classroom and submitted:

  • the complete application form
  • the application fee

When space is available in a classroom, eligibility is determined by the overall diversity in the classroom according to age, gender, ability, previous Montessori experience and ethnicity.  When two or more children on the waiting list are eligible for an open position, admission is based on date of application and also with the following priorities:

  • siblings of Montessori Center alumni – the older sibling must have completed the full 3-year Primary program; siblings of students currently enrolled
  • children transferring from other recognized Montessori programs
  • other children

The Montessori Center makes ever effort to admit each child on the waiting list into a classroom.  However, the school cannot guarantee any position or the time when a child will be admitted.


The Founder/Director of the Montessori Center is Nancy Elkins.

All correspondence and inquires should be directed to:

The Montessori Center, Inc.
3052 NW Merchant Way, Ste 109
Bend, Oregon 97703

Telephone: 541-383-5163