“The Montessori Center, Mrs. Elkins and her amazing staff have been an incredible blessing to our family.  We have three boys currently ages 8, 5 and 3.  The older two have graduated Kindergarten from The Montessori Center and the youngest is entering his second year.  We have been at the school for the past five years and look forward to two more wonderful years.  Our experience at the school has been nothing but positive.  In fact, we often refer to it as being magical.  The school has provided the most amazing, safe, enjoyable, nurturing environment for our children and an incredible foundation for learning, growth and development.  The independent work environment and strong work ethic created in the classroom is amazing.  The respect that the students have for each other and their teachers and the respect that the teachers have for the students is incredible.  The development of relationships with children of all ages in the blended classroom is invaluable.  We feel grateful and blessed to be part of an amazing school.  We have personally experienced the way that the Montessori foundation creates independent, confident, respectful children who interact well with their peers and adults and who respect themselves and others.  We thank The Montessori Center for providing a foundation for our kids which is unmatched.  It truly is a bit of magic.”

 Dan & Sara Hobin

 “Since the day we first visited The Montessori Center and had a chance to learn about the program from Mrs. Elkins there has never been any question in our minds about where our children would begin their school careers.  Mrs. Elkins and the whole staff at The Montessori Center carry a deep conviction about the power of their approach to early childhood learning, and we see the results every day in the way our children interact with their peers, in the way they conduct their work, and just in the way they approach the world.  The Montessori Center is helping them to learn confidence and respect in ways that continue to surprise Suzanne and I.  Our oldest son is about to head off to first grade next year and really could not be better prepared for the challenges ahead, and our youngest will be continuing the family tradition by joining his sister to begin his first year at the Montessori Center this coming Fall.  Our family wholeheartedly recommends the Montessori Center as the first step in any child’s student career.”

 John & Suzanne Audette

 “It is impossible to sum up the Montessori Center experience in a few sentences. We have 3 children and all of them have been part of this amazing school.  They are building a foundation of lifetime skills. As parents, we feel that giving our children these tools at the earliest age possible is the very best in education.  Mrs. Elkins is unlike any other teaching professional that I have met.  Her passion for her program is unparalleled.  My children’s sense for independence, responsibility, accountability, and respect has been fostered and these lessons continue through every activity and every friendship with children and other adults. My hope is that she will open additional schools for further education.  We absolutely love Nancy, her staff and her school and highly  recommend it to anyone who wants the best for their kids.”

 Bill & Sunny Bliss

 ”I would recommend The Montessori Center to every parent considering preschool for their children.  Both of my children have attended this amazing school and I can honestly say that I am so incredibly grateful that they have had this wonderful learning experience.  There are so many reasons that this school is so special.  The teachers are very caring and get to know each and every child as if they were their own.  They provide a supportive, caring, direct approach to learning.  My children absolutely LOVE school, which is due to the tone that the teachers have set in the classroom.  The children learn from their peers and choose their work that interests them.   My son was very shy when he first attended The Montessori Center.   He was a bit apprehensive to participate in learning, so he was an observer for several months.  During that time, he was still learning foundational skills that will benefit him for the rest of his life.  He learned how to treat others with respect, to finish a project that he starts, and so many skills that I couldn’t possibly capture here.   Once he felt comfortable, he moved into taking more of an active role in his learning.   What I loved most is that this environment supports a child to learn at his or her own pace.  Now that my oldest is a Kindergartner, he is able to provide lessons to his younger classmates ,including his sister.  It is such a rewarding experience to see him share his love of learning with his classmates and for the younger children to soak in every word that their peer says while teaching them a particular lesson.  It is like seeing the process come full circle.  There is the right balance between work, play, art, yoga, music and social interaction.  Above all, I believe The Montessori Center does an excellent job laying the proper foundation for our children to be highly functional in their later years.”

 Patrick & Darcy Davidson

 ”We would like to express how wonderful our families’ experience has been at The Montessori Center.  As parents of multiple students, we are forever grateful for the educational and life skills being taught to our children.  The compassionate staff is incredibly dedicated and invested in cultivating a safe, clean, and peaceful learning environment.  Every day our children are excited to go to a school that teaches them respect for others, to be their individual selves, and encourages them to embrace new educational challenges.  This school has played an ENORMOUS role in developing our children into the confidant, motivated, self-assured, and caring individuals they are today!  We cannot say enough positive things about The Montessori Center.”

Pam & Dan Orton

 “When it comes to our children we always strive to make the best decisions for their present and their future.  There have been times as parents that we have questioned our decisions and made changes accordingly.  One thing that we have never had a moment of doubt with is our decision to attend The Montessori Center for preschool and kindergarten for our daughter Payton.  We feel that Payton is developing the life long foundation for learning in her years at The Montessori Center.  She has such excitement for new knowledge and is self-motivated to push herself to new limits of learning.  Children are very impressionable at this stage of their lives.  At The Montessori Center Mrs. Elkins and her staff treat each student and their families with the utmost respect and kindness, setting great examples for the children.  They are taught to respect themselves, all other and their environment.  When asked where our youngest child, Kayla, will go for preschool, there is no hesitation.  She will attend The Montessori Center so that she will also have a solid foundation for learning.”

 Lauren & Jen McCarthy

 “Our two very different boys have thrived a The Montessori Center.  It has, in fact, been the very acceptance of who they are in a respectful and supportive environment that has inspired each of them to aspire and enjoy the journey of learning.  We also love all The Montessori staff!  You can tell they treasure the sweetness and the ability of each child.  That, we believe, is a fundamental standard of Mrs. Elkins, and each of The Montessori Center classrooms have exceptionally talented and dedicated staff.  We are grateful to have been able to send our boys to The Montessori Center!”

 Todd & Ellen Grover

 “Nancy Elkins and the staff at The Montessori Center have always gone above and beyond to ensure that we were comfortable and informed of our child’s learning environment.  Initially we were concerned with the Montessori structure and how our littlest one would do – even after numerous attempts at reassurance, we still weren’t sure.  The leap was well worth it – both our kids, Chloe (6) and Avery (4), have had a tremendous experience and built a great educational background at the school.  They are now in the same class – truly a wonderful experience to see the mentoring and respect that the kids all have for each other (even among the brothers and sisters).  We highly recommend the school, the teachers and the Montessori teaching method for this age.”

Justin Rae & Sarah Laufer

“The Montessori Center has been a gift to our family.  Our daughter thrived, looking forward to school each day and proud to share her accomplishments when she returned home.  We fell in love with the director, Nancy Elkins, when we toured the school.  Mrs. Elkins greets the students and parents every day with a warm, welcoming smile.  She treats every child with love and respect and goes out of her way to make the parents feel welcome.  Our daughter attended The Montessori Center for 3 years and our son will attend as well.  Mrs. Elkins and her talented and well-qualified staff have created a wonderful environment for learning.  They nurture the children with a meticulously organized curriculum that fosters growth, independence, self-esteem and learning.  We absolutely love The Montessori Center and are grateful it has been part of our family’s growth and development.”

Franchot & Kristin Tone