Looking to the Future

The Montessori Center is committed to preparing its students academically, emotionally, and socially for the exciting world ahead of them. It is well known that children who have attended a quality Montessori school tend to have a great deal of academic success.  Occasionally, parents wonder how their children will adapt socially to a more rigid classroom when they leave the Montessori environment. Our experience has been that children leaving the Montessori classroom do quite well in a traditional environment.

Behavioral problems are less frequent because Montessori program graduates have learned self-control (rather than externally motivated behavior), and they tend to be more focused and organized than most of their peers. Furthermore, children from Montessori programs are accustomed to socializing directly with adults and children of a variety of ages, and are confident in their social interactions. Because of the cooperative, non­competitive environment of the Montessori classroom the children have learned to feel safe and comfortable in a school setting.

The Montessori Center believes that a Montessori education is truly a preparation for life. We expect the children to leave the school with a tremendous amount of knowledge and the tools they need to succeed academically and in other spheres of higher education. We know that children gain a sense of personal empowerment, a strong work ethic, a love of learning, and a sincere respect for humanity and the world they inhabit. These tools prepare children to be more than academically successful.  They prepare them to be centered, happy, confident individuals. Above all, the Montessori Center expects its students to develop into the kind of people who can capably lead us into the future.